We are a family run business restoring historic steam vehicles and specialising in Stanley Steam Cars and Sentinel Steam Waggons. Founded in 1972 by John Goold and later joined in the mid 90’s by his two sons Justin & Grant, who now run the company on a day to day basis since John’s retirement, carrying on his passion for all things steam.

We are situated within the scenic cam Valley, near Bath in the U.K and specialise in the manufacture and reconditioning of both Stanley and Sentinel parts as well as complete vehicle restorations.


With 50 years of experience in the world of engineering and steam, we have a wealth of knowledge in Stanley and Sentinel steam vehicles and can offer a wide range of services. This spans from the manufacturing of a simple component, such as a missing bolt through to a complete ‘ground up’ concours vehicle restoration.

Revitalising your pride and joy steam vehicle could be as simple as a cosmetic face lift i.e. re-painting, trimming work, electro plating, or a full mechanical overhaul.

The client’s expectations of the finished restoration are fundamental to the start.

Every restoration is individual and so is the approach. Some clients may request a full ‘nut & bolt’ vintage correct overhaul whereas others may merely wish to have a more functional service.

We strive to manage the expectations of clients and offer a full liaison service from your initial enquiry throughout the complete restoration.

Products & Services

We have a large inventory of original parts, drawings and patterns from which we can manufacture accurate and authentic new parts for your steam vehicle.

We are constantly sourcing the best foundries to supply raw castings and we work in conjunction with companies offering the latest CNC engineered components.

We are constantly investing in modern technology and use a mixture of lost wax castings, sand castings and can offer laser cut, water jet and EDM components.

We can offer many services to help restore or rejuvenate your vehicle such as shot blasting, sand blasting, powder coating, painting, nickel or chrome plating and trimming work.